Sunday, October 24, 2010

hi friends ,
This time I came with a Young Sardarji  Joke .
There was a young Sardarji boy who was studying  in  5th STD in the age of 15 (he got  failed many time  sir, so don’t calculate the age ) . One  day in his mathematics  class,  teacher was teaching addition
“1+1 = 2 ,
2+2 = 4 ,
3+3 = 6 “
 Now teacher asked sardarji boy  "so tell me,  20 + 20 how much? “  , young sardarji replied அஸ்க்கு  புஸ்சுக்கு ஈஸியானத  மட்டும்  நீங்க  சொல்லிடுவிங்க,
கஷ்டமானத  என்ன்கிட்ட கேப்பிங்களா? " . teacher got angry but didn’t showed to him,  then she asked him again " ok fine let me ask you simple one.  tell me , 2+2 = how much?
sadarji boy replied immediately  " 2+2 = 22 madam " teacher got damn angry and asked him to turn back and beat  his bum   with wooden scale nicely
sadarji  boy got damn  pain and its burning  also , sardarji boy rubbed his bum and parked it on his seat, after  reaching his home,  directly he gone to his room and closed the door,  Opened his trouser and seen his back in front of the mirror.   Ohh my god……. ,  sardarji boy got shocked  and angrily shouted   " Bloody teacher broken my bum into two " …….. 
With smile,

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எஸ்.கே said...


Vivek said...

Rajesh eanna joke idu. romba Nude ha irukke 1beat. 2nd half ne re-edit pannu pa. ok

Anonymous said...

good joke... keep going rajesh...
Vivek just laugh it out :D

ப.செல்வக்குமார் said...

செம காமெடிங்க ..!!

RoshiniPrincess said...

Ha ha ha ha... is damm sick joke.. Good one

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